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Emergency stop button2016-10-14

An emergency stop button, also known as a kill switch or e-stop, is a safety mechanism used to shut off a device or machinery in an emergency situation in which it cannot be shut down in the usual manner.

■ LA130 series Φ16mm emergency stop button

The button has a 16mm mounting hole, which makes a simple installation by tightening the nut. With F-7/16 protective ring used together, the button gets a good performance of water resistance and misoperation.

Advantages: small size, compact structure, space saving

■ LA130 series Φ22mm emergency stop button

Due to the different appearance, the series is divided into three types, namely, A, B2 and D type. Type A and B2 are fixed by screws, which are not easily loose. Type D is tightened by nuts and is easy to install. Its contact block adopts fast moving contacts, which response quickly and sound clear and melodious.

Advantages: long service life, the price economy, wide range of applications

■ UC2 series emergency stop button

The series of UC2-B2/B5/B7 has metal head and bracket, featured by quick installation, simple connection, strong shock resistance, and free maintenance. UC2-B5/B7 has obtained national invention patent for the design of spring cage connection.

Advantages: unique structure, quick connection,time saving

•  F-7/16 protective ring

Application:LA130 seriesΦ16 emergency stop button

Usage: Mantled the head of emergency stop button to avoid mishandling.

•   F-24 protective ring

Application:LA130 seriesΦ22 emergency stop button

Usage: Mantled the head of mushroom button to avoid mishandling.