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Neutral terminal block2016-10-14

Neutral terminal block, also known as neutral bar or neutral link, used in distribution box (cabinet) with insulator, marked with "N".

How neutral terminal block works

Neutral terminal block, mainly used to connect neutral lines, internal and external of distribution box. It makes the wiring clear and tidy, which is convenient to maintain the equipment.

In the internal lightning protection system and electrical system, the main role of earth link is voltage sharing. In the lightning protection system, the earth link installed on the front of earth line, which connected with the earth mat in the equipment room, and all the earth lines in the room get together on the earth link. If there are too many equipments, a grading ring is required under the electrostatic floor, the earth line of all equipments and electrostatic floor can be near connected to it. Where there is no potential difference, there is no accident.

In the same way, as the common part in distribution box , neutral terminal block evens the voltage among the grounding end of all the equipments connected.

The difference between neutral link and earth link


Neutral link


Earth link

The fundamental difference between the neutral line and earth line is that one constitutes a working circuit, and the other  plays a role in protection grounding. In normal cases, the two lines are required to connect separately.

The branches of neutral line in the distribution box can be connected with the main neutral line with a neutral link.

1. Simple installation

2. All the errors in a single way have no interference to or from all the others

3. Convenience inspection and maintenance

Selection guide

The choice of earth link and neutral link in a distribution box is based on the main switching power supply. Generally, the carrying capacity of neutral link shall not be too small, you may find more details according to low-voltage power distribution specifications. And the earth link is the same as or slightly less than the configuration specifications of the neutral link. Two thirds of the cross section of live wire shall be perfect for neutral link.