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UKJ series fuse terminal block2016-12-27

As an essential device for electrical protection, fuse terminal block is mainly used for circuit protection and connection. The limitation of current can be realized with a fuse terminal block.


There are two types of fuse terminal block, level-type fuse terminal block and nut-type terminal block.UKJ-10RD is a nut-type, when used, you just need to unscrew the nut, put a fuse insert, and tighten the nut.



Level-type terminal block,UKJ-2.5RD, UKJ-4RD ,

In the same way, put a fuse insert into the handle, then you can connect or disconnect the circuit by switching the handle.


1. Adopt the structure of screw clamping, meet IEC60947-1, GB / T14048.1 and other standards.

2. Both environmentally friendly and safe  thanks to the high-quality material of PA66 and copper

3. Quick and easy  installation

4. Your various requirements of current and voltage can be well met, with a wide range of options.

5. Customized products with different current and voltage are available.

Notes: Fuse terminal blocks with LED display are also available for purchasing.