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Three level spring-cage connection terminal block2016-12-27

With the rapid development of UPUN, many new products have been introduced to the market, today we will show you one of the most popular products, three level spring-cage connection terminal blocks, UJ-2.5/3-3.  


As the new arrival of UJ series, UJ-2.5/3-3 provides you with excellent connection, with the cross section from 0.2 mm2 to 2.5mm2, both solid and stranded conductors.

Compared to other terminal blocks, a considerable assembly time can be saved thanks to the compact structure. It has a good performance of self-locking, anti-seismic and anti-loose for the unique connection method of cage structure. And the product is made from insulation material of PA66, with good toughness and flame resistance. The conductor adopts high-quality pure copper, which is good in conductivity. And the surface treatment, tin-plating, ensures it has a very low contact resistance and good air tightness.

In addition, the three-level wiring method reduces the horizontal assembly space. So it’s really a good choice for power distribution cabinet, especially there is a strict limitation of space.


The related model of UJ5-2.5 / 3 × 3-PV, three-level internally connected terminal block, featured by interconnected connections. It can meet various requirements of wiring, such as 1 in 3 out, 2 in 3 out, etc.