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YASHIR,the biggest real electrical distributor in Iseal visits Shanghai UPUN.2017-06-14

Iseal Proverb: One horse with high speed and another with low speed, which is better?
Answer: That depends on who is in the right direction.  We are sure YASHIR choose UPUN to cooperate is in the right direction

YASHIR is the biggest real electrical distributor in Israel.

In the 5th of June,  Mr. Noam Nagler(middle of the picture) , the president of YASHIR and the marketing director Mr. Claude Tibi(right side) came to visit Shanghai UPUN for a business conversation.
Mr. GuoMing Zhang, the vice president of UPUN accompany with the overseas market department had a great conversation with the two honoured guests. During the conversation, we showed UPUN’s new products and technology systemicly. In the mean time, our two client had great interests in UPUN’s products and they really appreciate the research and development ability of UPUN. They said UPUN would have a great chance to be an international brand.

After conversation,  Mr. Noam Nagler and Mr. Claude Tibi visited UPUN’s automation workshop,  they superised that UPUN’s had such a complete production line and the automation producing facility was also got a lot of compliments. More over,  both UPUN and YASHIR further enhanced  the confidence of win-win cooperation.

Looking back the G20 Hangzhou Summit,  it promoted the which helped China promote a new progressment in  bilateral business cooperation and also created a good policy system environment including new progress of China-Iseal free trade area. Shanghai UPUN will think highly of the economy circumstance  and  grab the opportunity to earn more cooperation and achieve more development results.