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UPUN Mexican Electricity Exhibition2017-07-19

Mexico Electric Power Electrical Equipment and Lighting Exhibition was founded in 2003, is one of Mexico's most influential power and lighting exhibition. The exhibition has been held in Mexico City in June 2017. The exhibition was divided into three pavilions, A, B and C. More than 1, 000 exhibitors participated in this exhibition, and attracted more than 45, 000 participants, including neighboring countries such as Colombia and Costa rica.

Through this exhibition, we once again have close contact with our customers, and let customers experienced the product trial and feel our service. Through the showcase of excellent products to meet a large number of potential customers, and won their attention, showing the powerful strength of Shanghai UPUN, expanding the international influence. We have effectively contacted more qualified customers, for the cooperation and development has accumulated more resources. And we have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the user needs of the Latin American market, more conducive to the study of international competition situation and opportunities.

During the three-day event, the UPUN booth attracted a large number of local dealers to negotiate, especially in which five dealers are concentrated from Mexico City, to prove that local customers have a certain understanding of our products, and have given affirmation, expressed willingness to cooperate, on the next step to develop the local market reached a preliminary opinion.

(Market information) Chinese enterprises in Mexico

In recent years, Mexico is China's second largest trading partner in Latin America, according to the Mexican Ministry of Commerce and Industry Development statistics, January-June 2006 Sino-Mexican bilateral trade volume of 11.46 billion US dollars, up 41.8% over the previous year, The Among them, Mexico exports to China 750 million US dollars, up 42.4%; Mexico imports from China 10.71 billion US dollars, an increase of 41.8%. Mexico trade deficit of $ 9.75 billion, and increase of 41.7%. In addition, Mexico is a North American company and other multinational companies "processing plants", such as the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries have some factories in Mexico, high, medium and low-grade power electronics products have a greater demand. For UPUN, into Mexico, with a wealth of product lines and quality products, seize the opportunity to seize the market is already a good start.