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Electric vehicle charging pile2017-12-07


 Building the first brand of new energy automobile supporting products and technical service! Founded in 2013, it integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services as one of the high and new intelligent enterprises. THE CHARGING PILE IS VERY CLOSE TO US Modern science and technology led to the rapid development of the transportation industry, at the same time the traditional automobile engine to provide powerful power , it consumes a lot of energy, and emissions of exhaust pollutants, causing serious air pollution. People pay attention to the environmental problems, support force and government policies, the development of new energy vehicles can change rapidly in recent years, is closer and closer to our life. How to effectively save energy and reduce environmental pollution, become the focus of attention. A new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly car electric vehicles as the representative of our country and the global. POLICY SUPPORT In recent years, various regions and departments actively promote electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction to conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the State Council, Positive progress was made in all the work. The development of charging pile, charging standard specification decisions, etc.,such as the "electric vehicle charging infrastructure guide(2015-2020)" and "accelerate the charging infrastructure construction guidelines > (the Office〔2015〕No. 73) and other documents, the increase in the channel of the emerging market is showing a new trend of development. STATUS IN CHINA Polaris storage network announced, as of February 2017, the electric vehicle charging infrastructure to promote the China alliance member units totally reported public charging pile 151062, of which 54919 AC charging, DC charging 38490, AC-DC combined charging 57653.In February 2017 compared with January 2017 increase 2826 new public charging piles. From March 2016 to February 2017, the public charging facilities has been increased 7587 which is up 151.7% year-on-year growth of in 2017. CURRENT FOREIGN STATUS According to the calculation of IEA, the charging infrastructure in the United States is mainly distributed in the eastern and western coastal areas. By the end of 2015, the public charging pile in the United States was about 31674, which has exceeded 44 thousand in September 2016. CHARGING PILE OF UPUN ELECTRIC GROUP CO.,LTD. PINGHU BRANCH UPUN ELECTRIC GROUP CO.,LTD. PINGHU BRANCH is founded in 2013,located in PINGHU City,ZHEJIANG,covered an area of 30 thousand square meters,is invented and built by SHANGHAI UPUN ELECTRIC Group Co., Ltd and SHANGHAI UPUN INTERNATIONAL INVENTION Ltd,which is a high-tech intelligent enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical services. Main products: charging pile operation management system, AC/DC charging pile, AC/DC charging plug, intelligent charging module, switching power supply, surge protector, new-energy-vehicle insulation column, high voltage connector, high voltage wire harness, AC/DC charging seat, motor controller,etc. 2014 AIA International Electrical established a new energy Automotive supporting products R & D center, coverage more than forty senior professionals, has obtained 100 patents,receiving a number of certification, launched a new energy vehicle quality and reliable charging and supporting products, EIC system components. SOCIAL BENEFIT The popularization of charging pile equipment, electric vehicle can replenish electricity at any time and anywhere, which can transfer the power of the grid to the electric vehicle to solve the energy problem of the electric vehicle, which get a lot of support of making the further promotion of the pollution-free electric vehicle. With the promotion of a large area of the charging pile, the electric car can supplement the power whenever and wherever possibly to greatly meet the need of short trip of ordinary family,which improves the happiness index of people. With the development of charging pile, it directly promotes the promotion of non-polluting electric vehicles, which not only reduces emissions of harmful pollutants of the earth, but also protects the earth and ourselves indirectly.