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Shanghai UPUN Electric Group Co., Ltd at Elecrama 2018 in India2018-04-03

The Indian Modi Government launched national policy on electric cars in December, 2017. It will provide guidelines for the development of industry standards and performance specifications and it will encourage the use of electric cars.

As the leading department, India's new energy and renewable energy department is responsible for helping to purchase about 10 thousand electric vehicles in 2017, replacing the original government vehicles. And every state government also makes plans for this aspect. Karnataka, the south of India passed the policy to encourage the development of electric cars. Now, it is mandatory to set up charging piles and charging bases in high-rise buildings.

Shanghai UPUN Electric Group Co., Ltd as the first batch of domestic professional electric vehicle charging piles and their supporting products manufacturer adapted to the situation carrying AC and DC charging pile stations to attend ELECRAMA 2018 from Mar.10th  to Mar.14th, 2018.

Meanwhile, UPUN traditional products terminal blocks series also has won the recognition of customers by advanced push-in wiring technology.

Through this exhibition, we learn more about standards of charging piles in Indian market and international market and attracted industry professional persons. We always believe that we can not only do a good job on the domestic standard of charging piles but also in line with international standards, and provide electric vehicle charging solutions for international buyers.

We are professional on solutions of charging pile and its supporting products.