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USP-250MHN-05G Switching Power Supply

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General Product Information 1.Input voltage range:176-264VAC
2.Embedded cooling fan
3.LED singnal indication
4.Compliance with EU environment requirements
5.One-year warranty
6.Remote control switch (optional)
Technical Data Input Parameters
-Rated Input Voltage:230VAC
-Input Voltage Range:176-264VAC,240-370VDC
-Input Current(typical):3.0A/230VAC
---Frequency Range:47-53Hz
Output Parameters
-Rated Output Voltage:5V
-Rated Output Current:40A
-Output Voltage Adjustable Range:4.5-5.5V
-Output Current Range:0-40A
-Ripple and Noise(Max.):100mVpp
-Voltage Toleance :+2.0%
-Linear Regulation Factor:+1.0%
-Load Regulation Factor:+1.0%
-Star/Rise Time(Max.):1S/50mS
-Hold Time(Min):20mS
-Over-load Protection:105-150% of rated output power
-Over-voltage Protection:5.75-7.5V
Dimensions L/W/H:170*99*50mm
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